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New stuff, new do.

I figured with the new apartment, my new commitment to posting regularly, and all my traveling, I’d get a new hairdo.  It’s bangin’ – that’s all I’ll say.

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Thoughts on New Maternal Health Funding

It’s been a while since my last post and much has been going on.  Tons of travel, finding an apartment in DC, getting new tattoos (just kidding)… Needless to say, I’ve been too busy to think about writing something substantive … Continue reading

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The Energy Suck

So it’s 5pm on Friday and what am I doing?  I’ve sat in my towel still dewy from a long shower, sitting on my bed (going to regret that later) stalking new members of my a cappella group.  Ah, the … Continue reading

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Burn Bust

Yesterday NPR released a report on the alleged arson at the site of the new mosque in Tennessee.  Someone put gasoline under a dump truck and lit it on fire.  Creative. It appears the region isn’t quite ready for a … Continue reading

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Here, there, religion everywhere

There are approximately 1.5 billion Muslims in the world.  That’s a lot of people. Speaking with Griffin, a teacher in a rural Arkansas high school, about his experience in his classes brings to light the isolation and skewed view we … Continue reading

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