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My favorite things

As we reach the end of the year, I have thought a lot about my favorite things– clothes I like, blogs I read, people I love, food I love to eat.  I thought I’d share and hopefully you can add … Continue reading

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Virtual Dating

About six months ago, Griffin and I shifted our relationship from a 10-minute walk away to 1,500 miles away with the start of new jobs in DC and Arkansas.  We’ve done amazingly well, but it still gets hard time to … Continue reading

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It Feels Like a Movie Here

Reunions are glorious things. So much food. So much cuddling. So much laughing. The Highlights: Katie’s glorious apartment in west midtown. The light is movie magical. The couches are comfortable. The beds expandable. The DVD player doesn’t like us very … Continue reading

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Today I travel to NYC for an informal reunion of my study abroad program pals.  Almost 2 years ago we packed our bags, stuffed cipro in our pockets, and flew to India starting one of the most formative experiences of … Continue reading

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Fulfilling Those Random Urges

Yesterday I had the urge to paint. I finally gathered most of the art supplies from my parent’s house and constructed my easel, reorganized my set of acrylic paints, and washed brushes. After all that preparation, I sat there thinking … Continue reading

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Pasta Perfecto

The easiest pasta (and some of the best tasting) revealed itself to me this evening. Key components: Sauce, Cheese, Veggies, La Creuset Casserole Dish Sauce: Ground beef, sauteed/carmelized onions, sauteed garlic, tomato paste, canned tomatoes, oregano, thyme, salt, pepper, a … Continue reading

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Gay bars and Good Friends

You feel like you’ve made it (friend-wise) when you still keep in touch and regularly see your friends from nursery school.  I can proudly say that I’ve come to feel quite close to the several kids who were once screaming … Continue reading

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