Fulfilling Those Random Urges

Yesterday I had the urge to paint. I finally gathered most of the art supplies from my parent’s house and constructed my easel, reorganized my set of acrylic paints, and washed brushes.

After all that preparation, I sat there thinking to myself, I don’t do anything with my hands.  I never make anything anymore.

When I was a little kid, we had an art center in my basement which filled my afternoons with endless sketching, painting, gluing, and ripping.  In high school I did ceramics and loved it. But in college and now in the working world, the most I do with my hands is type on my laptop (for almost 8 hours a day: OY!)  and cook.  This had to change.

So, I took my little 12×12 canvas and whipped out an amateur interpretation of winter trees. I’m definitely out of practice, but hopefully more pieces will come.

Any fun artistic things you all do in your free time? I’d love to hear ideas.

Mason jars make the world go round.

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1 Response to Fulfilling Those Random Urges

  1. Ella says:

    Hi Madeline!!!

    Hehe, I’ve been secretly reading your blog! Thank you- keep writing!

    My wonderful friend had a “creative” night a couple fridays ago. After an informal potluck, we all huddled in the living room and individually shared something creative we’d been working on lately. Having the night on the calendar provided the impetus to right the final verse to a song I’ve been working on. It was a beautifully intimate and supportive night. Your blog about working with one’s hands reminded me of the mutual appreciation I felt on that night. Working with one’s hands is a common joy.

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