The Holi Tag Team in Central Park of Jaipur

Today I travel to NYC for an informal reunion of my study abroad program pals.  Almost 2 years ago we packed our bags, stuffed cipro in our pockets, and flew to India starting one of the most formative experiences of my life.  There were 21 of us, all from different schools and parts of the world.  The experience was amazing not only because we were in India (one of my all-time favorite places), but because we all really clicked with one another.  It was a mini-family and we’ve stayed in pretty good touch since then.

I think it will be around 9 of us this weekend which is a good turnout considering the demands of work and expense of travel for poor young professionals.  Luckily I have to work in NY on Monday so the trip is rather convenient.

I’m planning to go to my friend Sam’s a cappella concert with her all-female group at Columbia tonight; I’m hoping to find an Indian beer somewhere; and I indeed want to cuddle with all my friends remembering the good old sleepovers we used to have at each other’s host families.

Stay posted, more to come!

And just for good measure:


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