It Feels Like a Movie Here

Reunions are glorious things. So much food. So much cuddling. So much laughing.

The Highlights:

  • Katie’s glorious apartment in west midtown. The light is movie magical. The couches are comfortable. The beds expandable. The DVD player doesn’t like us very much.  But it works.
  • Sam’s Bacchantae concert at Columbia. A little a cappella always makes a weekend better.
  • $4 margaritas at The Heights. Bobbing my head to 90’s dance mixes.
  • Katie’s buttermilk pancakes.
  • Wandering Rockefeller Center and making the rounds at J.Crew, Anthropologie, the Lego store.
  • The Whole Foods in Columbus Circle. Spending $17 on two pounds of prepared food. YUM.
  • Chatting up Indian waiters over lamb korma, malai kofta, and kingfisher.
  • Hookah at Sahara East and cinnamon tea in the outdoor heated (?) tent.
  • Swanky tea and coffee at the W Hotel Lounge in Union Square.

Pure Happy.

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