Virtual Dating

About six months ago, Griffin and I shifted our relationship from a 10-minute walk away to 1,500 miles away with the start of new jobs in DC and Arkansas.  We’ve done amazingly well, but it still gets hard time to time when we both want to share a meal or do the normal dating stuff.

After several brainstorming sessions about how we could be closer and supplement our monthly visits, we decided to have a TV&dinner virtual date night.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Pick a recipe (one that’s fitting for the season).
  2. Prepare a recipe and add your twist to it. In Griffin’s case there is a lot of adaptation because Arkansas is–how shall I put it?–limited in its ingredient selection.
  3. Document the changes, call each other, explain changes.
  4. Pick a TV show on Hulu.
  5. Watch and eat while being on the phone.

Minus the delays in grocery shopping and the unnecessarily long roasting-time of the squash, all went to plan.

Griff’s butternut parmesan pasta was more like an acorn squash pasta without the parsley.  I didn’t have any nutmeg, so I switched to cinnamon.  I also added less cheese giving the dish a sweeter flavor.

We watched “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” because we like trashy television.  The women on this show are way less dramatic than Atlanta, but so much more plastic.  It was so nice to hear each other chomp down on our pastas knowing that these chicks were definitely not coming close to eating something so caloric.  Sharing the evening felt like we were eating one big bowl in front of the TV together. A good night.

Griff's version (with lemon butter asparagus)

My version...see all the yummy parsley bits?

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1 Response to Virtual Dating

  1. corey pepper says:

    I know I loved this idea when Griffin told me and I love it even more after this blog post and the pictures. See you soon. Can’t wait!


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