My favorite things

As we reach the end of the year, I have thought a lot about my favorite things– clothes I like, blogs I read, people I love, food I love to eat.  I thought I’d share and hopefully you can add them to your favorites list:

Favorite Blog: A CUP OF JO – Joanna Goddard never fails to make me smile.  Whether she’s documenting her pregnancy or sharing amazing photography, her blog embodies many of the things that make people happy.

My Sisters: Sasha and Abby, you guys make everything better.  Watching movies, hovering in the kitchen while Abby bakes (who simultaneously threatens to kill us if we touch anything), wrestling, and pouring our hearts out… It will never get old.

At Tufts graduation

Places I’ve gone: In the past year, I have traveled to Los Angeles, New Jersey, Cape Cod, New York, Westport (CT), Boston, DC, Cleveland (MS), Stuttgart (AR), New Orleans.  And for next year:  Memphis (TN), New York, Paris, Berlin, San Francisco, and hopefully many more!


terraced buildings of New Orleans

performer outside the french quarter

Old Photographs: While browsing through the cook book collection at my grandpa’s apartment, I stumbled upon an old photo of my grandparents in the 60’s taken by my cousin Ada. It was a little tattered and torn, but I took it to Penn Camera to be digitally restored. Now it’s hanging above my desk in my apartment. The photo is completely perfect. My grandparents are relaxed, in love, comforted by one another.

Here's one Sasha found of my parents in the 80's

Viennese Cooking: Most of these recipes are just simply the most delicious things you have ever eaten.  It’s not shi-shi or fancy, just simple stews, light salads, and punchy/creamy desserts that remind me of my family’s cooking. In DC, Kafe Leopold creates some of my favorite dishes including the classic schnitzel.


Schnitzel...SO GOOD. photo courtesy of iGuide

Reunions with Friends: After college and even during college, there is no possible way to see everyone you love on a regular basis.  Thanks to skype, face-time, trains, Boltbus, and facebook messages, I don’t feel so distanced even if we catch up virtually.

This Face: Enough said.

Warm, Winter Things: Onesies, fur-lined bootsknit cowls, weird socks, Cocoa Recipes, Linzertorte, Outdoor bonfires, mulled wine.

I still wear this snowflake badass onesie I received for Hanukkah two years ago

Knit Cowl by Galit Mastai photo courtesy of Galit Mastai

Sorel Boots, vundebar. photo courtesy of

My New Hood: It really is beautiful.

Meridian Hill Park, across from my apartment

I’m off to LA tomorrow for New Years.  Happy Holidays everyone!


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