Cinematic Gold

While growing up in my parents’ house, we weren’t allowed to watch TV.  We had no cable. I never watched nickelodeon or saturday morning cartoons.  Yes, I am that clueless adult who has no idea what fraggle rock is.

The extent of my sitcom television education was Arthur, Sesame Street, the Magic Schoolbus, and, as we got a bit older, Sister Sister on the WB.  Our alternative: movies. Tons and tons of movies.  Particularly the classics, Rogers and Hammerstein musicals, and Disney gems.

Remember when you were a little kid and watched movies, but might not have understood everything that was going on? You’ll be surprised how much you missed.

So, in 2011 I’ve made it a point to re-watch some of the fantastic films I remember as a kid.  The three must-sees so far:

Pocketful of Miracles – Frank Capra film with Bette Davis, Glenn Ford, and Peter Falk about helping someone out just for the sake of helping.

A Pocketful of Miracles

Father Goose Cary Grant and Leslie Caron bicker on a remote island in the Pacific during WWII.

The Thin Man Series – William Powell may be my most favorite drunk detective ever.

Talking to the Dog...

Take some time to revisit or check out these films.  I promise you won’t regret it.

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